sun book arts


SUN Book Arts is a small scale bookbindery in the heart of Ashland, Oregon, specialized in creating a wide range of customized bookbinding work. Design Bookbinder Sabina U. Nies offers unique hand made books and book related items.

Services include:

  1. soft and hard cover books

  2. boxes and portfolios

  3. deluxe fine leather design bindings

  4. structure variations to accommodate art pieces

  5. ring binders and photo albums

Choosing the right materials, design and structures to support the customers' projects is the main emphasis. All production decisions are founded on sound 'old-world' principles to insure quality and longevity.


design bookbinding


Sabina U. Nies at the Biennale Mondiale  de la Reliure d’Art, St.Remy-les-Chevreuses, France, with her fine binding ‘Le Marriage de Figaro’


  1. 1.‘I See You’

  2. 2.‘Song of Salomon’

  3. 3.clam shell box

  4. 4.edition binding

‘I SEE YOU’ artist book

‘The Song of Salomon’ in private collection

leather covered art box

‘Messages’ by Sharon Mehdi

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